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Field Dress For years, the D.C. Department of Recreation and Parks has been best known for transporting supporters of former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry to the polls, providing well-paid jobs for political cronies, and getting city pools open on time. Now, the oft-maligned department has the potential for a new rep: as the best-dressed D.C. agency. Director Robert Newman has decided to have workers emulate their U.S. Park Service counterparts by making uniforms a priority, says spokesperson Larry Brown. Brown argues that uniforms will make recreation centers safer by distinguishing the staff from, say, random pedophiles who decide to lurk around parks and make nice with the kiddies. He says Newman is trying to change the face and culture of the agency and admits that uniforms might take some getting used to. “We’ve never done it,” says Brown. We say go big or stay home: Make sure and order up a customized D.C. version of those Smoky Bear hats to really make a statement.