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I don’t know who’s responsible for the Gehry article (“Washington Goes to Mr. Gehry,” 12/10) teaser on the Washington City Paper cover, but he or she managed to do in two sentences what took Bradford McKee approximately 100 column inches to do.

But, more to the point, this is an angle that could only be written here, would only be thought about here. Any other city would either be comfortable with its provincial/conservative taste and reject a Gehry building or would have the self-confidence to approve the plan without having the town’s alternative (!) paper publish an article saying that big-city types and the intelligentsia are bad-mouthing our town.

As for snobbism, we could use a little more of the Gehry brand, rather than the home-grown, Three Tenors, WETA brand we produce here.

And it’s not just a building. It’s thinking like that that produced the K Street corridor.

Arlington, VA