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I am a member of PSA 510 on Capitol Hill. I am writing to you about an article that appeared in your issue of Nov. 12: “Fight Club.”

You performed a disservice to the community when you attacked Bryce Suderow by making him out to be a bad guy just because he was fed up with the lack of police services in this city. You should respect a person whose motive is to improve the community instead of attacking him for being angry and disappointed.

Suderow had the balls to get out in the raw and express himself, and Jason Cherkis used the Washington City Paper to make him appear ridiculous. Many people privately complain about the Metropolitan Police Department but won’t come out and voice their criticism in front of a reporter. With more articles of this type, they never will.

Why don’t you consider writing about how the community is working together instead of focusing on our difference in styles?

Capitol Hill