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I am writing to you as a heterosexual, single African-American woman, a Bible-believing Episcopalian, and a strong supporter of ex-homosexual ministry. I have several concerns about your article, “Exit Strategy” (11/26), on Anthony Falzarano, head of Parents and Friends Ministries. I was present at the meeting your reporter covered and must give your editor mixed reviews on the manner in which the article was written. Your editor felt that, for reasons best known to himself, he had to appease the homosexual community.

The event at Foundry Methodist Church occurred approximately four years ago, long before the Tuesday night meeting your reporter covered. While parts of your article were excellent, many others were skewed, slanted, contorted, distorted, and just plain biased against those seeking to leave the homosexual/lesbian lifestyle.

I have personally known Anthony Falzarano and his lovely family for almost four years, have visited and been a dinner guest in their hospitable home, and know them to be a warm and loving family; therefore, I know whereof I speak. I also know Falzarano to be a man of deep faith in God, thoroughly versed in the Scriptures. He is a loving husband to his wife of 16 years and a devoted father to his two children. These youngsters are secure in their parents’ love, and their gender identity is intact!

I have also attended ex-gay conferences where I have met numerous ex-homosexuals and ex-lesbians, along with their families and friends. I have attended the highly informative and educational workshops held at these conferences and have read much outstanding literature and many scholarly books and pamphlets by such people as Drs. Elizabeth Moberly, Charles Socarides, Jeffrey Satinover, Joseph Nicolosi, George A. Rekers, and other specialists in this difficult field. That these distinguished individuals have labored diligently in this field is a ministry in itself!

If your editor is truly interested in helping troubled men and women, these are the kinds of things he or she must do rather than sit on the media sidelines and dispense propaganda, and present all of the facts in a completely accurate and dispassionate manner.