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While I found the recent letter by Mark Oller (The Mail, 12/10; “Exit Strategy,” 11/26) disgusting, there are actually some points in there worthy of a reasonable response.

The gross sexual practices he tried to attribute to all gays don’t belong there. A tiny fraction of people do these gross, filthy behaviors. They aren’t all gay, either. I won’t go into their descriptions again because I almost lost my lunch when I read them the first time.

His parody of the Abner Louima sodomization was ridiculous beyond words.

As for why homosexuality exists, no one knows for sure. There is some correlation with genetics, but it isn’t 100 percent. For some people, homosexuality is immutable—not a choice. For some, it is apparently fluid, or they may be bisexual. Regardless of why, homosexuality has existed in every society since the beginning of recorded history, and it is present in the animal kingdom as well. Why God would do that I don’t know, but that’s the way it is. Don’t fight God’s plan.

Shelby Township, Mich.