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I find it difficult to comprehend why such an inflammatory letter such as the one written by the idiot Mark Oller (The Mail, 12/10; “Exit Strategy,” 11/26) was allowed in this publication. Granted, he’s free to spout off such ignorant, imbecilic, and uninformed opinions, but are we obliged to read them? Who’s on staff weeding out the mail from the asinine? Clearly, they’ve fallen asleep on the job.

At any rate, Mr. Oller, I don’t know where you come off calling homosexuals unnatural. Who died and made you judge? Clearly, the utterly unintelligent questions in your letter were meant to be rhetorical—no one with half a brain would write such drivel and expect answers.

As for your assertions that homosexuals defecate on each other and perform other acts that are generally perceived to be socially unacceptable—these do occur. However, the very fact that you make this declaration suggests that you think similar and equally extraordinary behavior does not occur among heterosexuals, or if it does, well, that’s OK, because that’s natural. It truly galls me to read such hypocrisy. So, really, before you dissect what you perceive to be deviant behavior within homosexuality, first explore what’s been passing as “normal” for eons within the confines of heterosexuality.

Furthermore, diminishing homosexuality to a severe behavioral disorder is more than idiotic; it’s dangerous. These sentiments serve only to push those misguided souls who believe they can be changed through religion, therapy, or quackery into seeking something that may do them more harm than good. What homosexuals need is to learn to accept and love themselves for who and what they are.

Thomas Circle