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Green Acres is the place to be, according to farmer, poet, and essayist Wendell Berry. The communitarian values espoused in his book The Unsettling of America: Culture & Agriculture—small family farms, economically self-sufficient communities, and “neighborliness”—speak to the Oh-lee-vah Wendell Douglas in all of us. It’s tempting to dismiss Berry as a Luddite, but he advocates nothing so concrete as loom-smashing. He writes, for example, that “We must somehow learn to reverse the flow of the siphon that has for so long been drawing resources, money, talent, and people out of our countryside with very little if any return, and often with a return of only pollution, impoverishment, and ruin.” Um, OK. Berry will explain his ideas for the restoration of rural culture in his lecture “Life Is a Miracle” at 4 p.m. at Catholic University of America’s Columbus School of Law, 620 Michigan Ave. NE. Free. (202) 526-0251. (Janet Hopf)