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Time Served Last fall, D.C. Superior Court opened a newly renovated cafeteria, a tasty concept known as a “21st century food court.” In the renovation process, food service provider Sodexho Marriott Corp. had torn out the dark, grungy hallway that had herded customers to the mess hall, ditched the wood paneling with yellow plastic windows in favor of white walls with baby-blue accents, and banished the much-loved red-vinyl booths with their well-worn cracks bursting with foam. The hard metal and plastic chairs that replaced them don’t exactly invite people to linger. Nonetheless, a few weeks into the 21st century, a few cops and robbers still drop by for a snack, and veteran defense lawyers like Charlie Stowe still hold court. But it’s not the same. On Monday, a patron was overheard lamenting to a cashier that the renovations have scared away all the old regulars. “And the lines have gotten longer,” he said. The sole lunchtime cashier concurred, rolled her eyes, and complained that the cafeteria is understaffed—and that “they’re too cheap to hire anybody.” The fries, at least, are still pretty good.