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I can only imagine how the editorial board meetings go: “OK, there was a giant free party with Will Smith, Bono, and fireworks. Who can say something really negative about that?” This article (“Oh Say, Why Can’t We See?” 1/7) really only spoke to David Carr’s ineptitude. I took the bus down to the Mall at about 9:30 p.m. I saw the huge line Carr waited in for two hours and noticed that it wasn’t moving. I went to the second entrance and walked straight in—no line. Anyone who’s seen the “Two hours’ wait from this point” sign at a roller coaster at Kings Dominion should have known not to wait in that line if he or she wanted to see any of the show. Carr is wrong when he says, of the entrance, “[I]t doesn’t matter which one.” It did. All the idiots got in one huge line at the first entrance they came to.

Also, too bad he couldn’t see or hear, but you are supposed to walk to a point where you can see and hear. Nobody can make you. I was on the left side of the pool about a quarter of the way back and right next to speakers and a Jumbotron. There was plenty of room near us. It wasn’t even crowded. We could see and hear everything very clearly, and we had a great time. So before you give the president a collective bird from all of us, maybe you should look more closely at the cause of the problem: “Why did I have a rotten time? Because I don’t know how to have a good one.”

Dupont Circle