Plea Disagreement Despite a more lenient plea agreement, D.C. Superior Court Judge Stephen G. Milliken on Tuesday sentenced Todd A. Witte—who was called “Ron” in a Washington City Paper cover story about being stalked by him (“My So-Called Stalker,” 10/8/99)—to six months in jail, psychiatric treatment, and five years’ probation. Last November, Witte pleaded guilty to misdemeanor counts of stalking and making threats to the story’s author, who wrote the account under the pseudonym “Theresa.” Assistant U.S. Attorney David B. Deitch, whose plea agreement with Witte’s attorney called for suspended jail time, treatment, and probation, isn’t shocked at the outcome. “We didn’t ask for any more jail time, but it didn’t surprise me,” says Deitch. “You can tell by that judge that he’s not playing.” Witte will remain in jail for three months before being transferred to a treatment program in Minnesota. Neither Witte attorney Tom Talbott nor Witte’s father, Jeffrey Witte, offered comment. A relieved Theresa called the sentence “heartening….I’m excited about getting on with life now. I’m happy someone else can worry about him now.”