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I’m surprised and disappointed that the Washington City Paper let freelancer Justin Moyer get away with leaving out a very important fact in his Dec. 17 District Line article, “Hum-Vetoed.”

Even a cub reporter on a publication’s police beat would have included the name of the irate Hummer owner who insisted that Christine Schuyler be arrested for “defacing property”—that is, soaping “Jerk” on the windshield of her allegedly illegally parked vehicle on the brick sidewalk (not cobblestone) in front of Schuyler’s home. The article suggests that neither the vehicle owner nor the arresting officer witnessed the “defacing.” I’ve been a reporter in Washington, Rochester, N.Y., Des Moines, Iowa, and Columbus, Ohio, and I’ve never met a cop who wanted to handle the red tape of a minor misdemeanor arrest—unless he saw it committed or was pressured by the person offended, who happened to have a lot of influence.

Does this “wife of a retired general” also have so much clout that she was able to avoid a parking ticket in Georgetown that you or I would have received in a flash—and also avoid being named in the article?

I wish I had Schuyler’s guts, as I’m sure many District residents do, too. I’m sick and tired of drivers—usually from Virginia or Maryland—who believe I’m better than anyone else so I don’t have to obey parking regulations and park wherever they damn please—in signed no-parking areas, in bus stops, in front of hydrants, blocking crosswalks, in driveways, on sidewalks, in handicapped spots, and elsewhere, because they are too lazy to find a legal spot at the curb, or too cheap to park in a lot.

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