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When the boat show last sailed into the area, my parents received a phone call. “You know who this is?” the man on the line whispered. My mom remained silent. Then the light bulb brightened: “Matthew? Matthew, is that you?” she asked. My cousin Matthew, a boating fanatic, had made the trip up from Atlanta to see the latest in nautical engineering many times before. “Yeah, it’s me,” the guy muttered. Without getting into specifics, he said that things were well with him and the family. And then the conversation took a hard turn: “Matthew” needed to pick up a package on a street corner not generally known for sockless Docksiders wearers. “Can you meet me there with the money?” he asked repeatedly. It had been a while since the last family reunion, and, after speculating on Matthew’s personal habits, my parents decided to stay put. Be on the lookout for my cousin at the National Capital Boat Show from 4 to 9 p.m. at the Capital Expo Center, 4320 Chantilly Place, Chantilly. $7. (703) 227-0707. (Elissa Silverman)