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The only thing that made me happier than your well-written, long-overdue comeuppance concerning Fresh (-er than thou) Fields (“You Aren’t What You Eat,” 1/21) was learning that my neighborhood Safeway now stocks the cereal that reluctantly led me, time and again, into those attitude-drenched aisles. If (as is apparently the case) Fresh Fields and those who shop there represent the ’60s (complete with Volvo and Birkenstocks) gone “mature,” they also offer living proof that (as jazz fans have been known to say) “yesterday’s hipsters are today’s moldy figs”; seldom have self-righteousness and high prices run so unabashedly rampant. I used to take a kind of vindictive counter-umbrage pride in asking where the Diet Coke was located. Now I can actually buy “bad-for-me” soft drinks, along with my beloved Kashi cereal. And get this: The customers at this Northern Virginia Safeway have actually been known to smile!

Arlington, Va.