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It’s payday—finally. As you glance at the greenbacks in front of you, something seems a tad different. Instead of a pale, double-chinned George Washington gazing out at you through his curly white do, a thin black man with long locks hanging out of a construction hat stares you down—in spite of his wandering left eye. A lion and the shape of Africa, nestled in a mass of cannabis, surround him. The bill’s header reads “In Jah We Trust/The Kingdom of Zion.” You rub the sleep out of your eyes because, surely, this has got to be a dream. But Joseph Hill of veteran reggae band Culture promises that it’s not…really. Granted, this stack of Rastafarian bills exists only on the group’s latest CD, Payday, but Hill & Co. will pay you well with Jamaican-roots rhythms tonight when they perform with Jah Works at 9 p.m. at the Garage, 1214-B 18th St. NW. $18. (202) 331-7123. (Ayesha Morris)