Take Y2K “It’s as easy as 1…2…3,” reads the RideGuide, a trip and timetable planner on the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority’s Web site. The RideGuide is supposed to help passengers create specific travel itineraries, but after a week in which a blizzard forced a hundred cars out of service, the online planner was apparently the site of a second Metro systems failure. Internet-savvy riders who asked the program for help over the wintry weekend found themselves derailed not by snow, but by numbers—as in the date 01/30/2000. “Check the date and time you entered,” the program responded. “You cannot enter a time in the past.” When asked Monday about the snafu, Metro officials vigorously denied being infected by the millennial bug. “It is Y2K compliant,” insisted Metro Assistant General Manager Leona Agouridis. But after accepting a reporter’s challenge to have the RideGuide plan a trip across town from the Potomac Avenue station for Tuesday morning, 02/01/2000, Agouridis was stumped as well. A four-person team tackled the problem, and Metro had the RideGuide back up and running by Tuesday afternoon. Transit officials saved face by blaming it on a file-transfer problem. “Metro is okey-dokey on Y2K!” spokesperson Cheryl Johnson declared.