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I read, with great interest, your article on go-go in D.C. (“Dropping the Bomb,” 1/14). It chronicled a rich history of the sound, groups, artists, managers, et al. There is even more that could have been revealed in terms of the European and world interest that was building in the music just when its popularity was beginning to ebb over here. It’s a fascinating journey into a relatively unknown sound on the national popular-music front that owes its inception and development totally to Washington, D.C. Go-go is truly home-grown, and we native Washingtonians are proud of the heritage.

It amazes me, however, that in such a retrospective you failed to even indirectly mention Maxx Kidd. Kidd was the originator of the go-go sound in this city and nurtured talents like JuJu and Chuck Brown. He is highly lauded in the entire national and local music industry as a promoter of groups, as an artist, and as a manager. He was among the first to give this music/art form a medium, a stage, a voice. In the name of history and true journalism, you owe yourself a second look.

Mount Pleasant