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The Washington City Paper made a stupid mistake in printing “You Aren’t What You Eat” (1/21) by Stephanie Mencimer.

Mencimer relies on information and commentary from just one place: the Hudson Institute, a front group for polluters. Hudson’s strategy is to repeat a lie enough times that people begin to believe it. Apparently the tactic worked on the City Paper.

So pesticides aren’t bad after all? There are no risks from genetically engineered food? Organic food is popular only because Fresh Fields’ marketing campaign is so effective on us dupes?

Hogwash. Much in Mencimer’s article counters the considered opinions of the overwhelming majority of scientists who study these issues. She uses outdated statistics and twisted logic to arrive at her conclusions.

If your goal with this article was to spread the lies of industries that pollute the environment and sicken humans and wildlife, congratulations, you have achieved success.

Program Director

Environmental Media Services

Washington, D.C.