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A trenchant analysis of the popularity of Fresh Fields as testament to the perils of corporate co-optation of progressive concerns about the environment, public health, and the price of our society’s enormous consumption was desperately needed and long overdue. Unfortunately, Stephanie Mencimer’s article (“You Aren’t What You Eat,” 1/21) shows that the need for such an analysis remains unmet.

Most troubling was Mencimer’s apparently uncritical internalization (and subsequent regurgitation) of the views of one extremely conservative, industry-biased think tank on several extremely significant (and potentially explosive) issues, such as the genetic engineering of our food supply, the credible threat of endocrine disruption, and the growth in demand for organic foods. As a result, her article represents quite a coup for a number of PR flacks toiling away for their corporate masters in relative (though well-paid) obscurity.

The actual horrible truth of the article: Your name is Stephanie, and you were a pawn in a carefully orchestrated, industry-funded, anti-environmental public relations strategy. Ironically, Ms. Mencimer, all you demonstrated is that, in the absence of a vigilant press, we can become what we are fed.

Takoma Park, Md.