Charlie Parker once said that jazz players should learn everything they possibly can about mastering their instruments—and then forget it. But not everyone can be an innovator like Parker. Countless musicians offer works that manage to engross even though they don’t break any new ground. Chickfactor fanzine’s Valentine’s Eve do features three ensembles so infatuated with the guitar-pop history book that they’ve practically internalized it. But whatever they lack in inventiveness, they more than make up for with enthusiasm. The most adept students in this bunch are London’s Clientele. Hailed by some as the next Belle & Sebastian, this combo’s Love-influenced folk-pop is in fact even more retro than the lovable Glaswegians’ music. Although some might find vocalist Alisdair MacLean’s straining falsetto a chore to listen to, I think it nicely conveys the ’60s mod-cafe vibe the band is going for. The Saturday People are a veritable twee-pop supergroup, including ex-Castaway Stone Dan Searing, ex-Velocity Girl Archie Moore, ex-Roper Greg Pavlovcak, and Terry Banks from Tree Fort Angst. These jangle-pop scholars’ first single lacked strong hooks, but their upcoming Slumberland 7-inch dispenses wonderful, yearning music that recalls the perky sounds of ’80s Aztec Camera. New York’s Pacific Ocean, a project of Containe bassist Connie Lovatt and former Versus drummer Edward Baluyut, is the bill’s most up-to-date outfit; the band creates ethereal ’90s-derived postpunk soundscapes reminiscent of the early Spinanes. Class begins at 9 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 13, at the Garage, 1214-B 18th St. NW. $8. (202) 331-7123. (Steve Kiviat)