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In 1997, when Georgetown University’s Georgetown Women’s Guild first unveiled The Guide: A Little Beige Book for Today’s Miss G, the ensuing controversy was almost as furious as that year’s debate about crucifixes in the classroom. Liberal-minded Hoyas blasted the ’50s-style dating, health, and workplace etiquette prescribed by the booklet, which was funded by the right-wing Independent Women’s Forum. Undaunted, the Guild is back with advice for Y2K. In January, members distributed 800 copies of The Guide 2000. Editor and Georgetown senior Bryanna Hocking describes the pamphlet’s target audience—”the Millennium Girl”—as a “voracious reader” who loves all types of music. “Well, not all,” Hocking writes. “One place you will never find M.G. is at any venue involving the word Lilith…an over-feminized, yodeling encounter group [and] marketing cliche.” Of course, that doesn’t mean she should shun all forms of marketing—like fashion. “Signature touches” for the stylish M.G., continues Hocking, include “a sleek black bag and a pair of Hepburn shades that say, ‘Look, but don’t touch.’” —Laura Lang