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A skinny teenager sporting thick, horn-rimmed glasses butted in front of another library patron to grab a spot on the computer sign-up sheet in the Martin Luther King Library’s Washingtoniana Room one afternoon last week. Filling in his name—Buck—he hurriedly sat down at the terminal. The screen then filled with sights a little racier than the local-history arcana that lure most Washingtoniana visitors: “Black Pussy!” “Hot Girls!” “Lick Here!” the screen read, as patrons waited uncomfortably for Buck’s 15 allotted minutes to run out. “Our policy is open access,” explains library Director Molly Raphael, who says libraries nationwide grapple with the issue of government-funded access to pornography. But Buck has every right to do his research, Raphael says. “If you had interfered,” she adds, “you would have been out of line.” —Kevin Diaz