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The Israeli TV series Florentene centers around heartthrob 20-somethings Tuti, Tomer, and Shira, all devastated by the death of their high school chum Erez in Lebanon. (Think The Big Chill 2 starring Jennifer Aniston.) Shira lives with the goateed Maor, who, according to the show’s press materials, feels as if “he’s competing with the ghost of Erez for her love” while he strives to be more than just a gardener (Melrose Place). Maor works with Hanan, who has a crush on sexy gossip columnist Gali (Friends). Gali, meanwhile, dates Tzemer, who’s “got a band, an attitude, and a girlfriend he can’t control” (Sex and the City). So, in the end, which U.S. show does Florentene—named for the hippest neighborhood in Tel Aviv (Melrose Place again)—rip off the most? Watch the show’s first season tonight and decide for yourself—but I’ll have my answer when I hear Tuti’s “cute guy” friend Coby say “How you doin’?” in Hebrew. At 7 p.m. at the District of Columbia Jewish Community Center’s Goldman Theater, 1529 16th St. NW. $7.50. (202) 777-3248. (Elissa Silverman)