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At least the conductor was honest. He’d take a bribe from anyone else on board, he explained, but because we were foreigners we’d probably tell on him. So my pal Jordan, his reservation canceled by the black magic of Indian Railways, spent the night on the floor of a second-class sleeper car as it rattled toward Varanasi. Gina Henry probably never has such problems—and it’s not because she spends more. Henry has toured more than 60 countries without ever really dipping into her own bank account. And she didn’t even have to bribe any underpaid conductors to do so: “Every Possible Way to Travel Free,” Henry’s First Class seminar, promises to teach you how to do the same, via gigs as a “mystery shopper,” group-travel gimmicks, and other tricks. Start planning your free vacation at 6:30 p.m. at First Class Inc., 1726 20th St. NW. $30. For reservations call (202) 797-5102. (Michael Schaffer)