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I am the director of the women’s floor at the Federal City Shelter, where the families with children were staying (“Helter Shelter,” 2/25; “Throw Momma From the Shelter,” 3/3). I have a bachelor’s degree but happen to be homeless. During the day, I also work at a reputable nonprofit that offers emergency shelter to families.

The information that has been brought forth regarding the Community for Creative Non-Violence has been ambiguous. The disrepair of the building was largely exaggerated. The District’s part has not been revealed, but we know it’s always the last and most heavily disguised. At this point I’d like to dispense some info I believe is important and true:

The time limit for an initial stay at Federal City is a year. During this period, all residents should be preparing themselves to become self-sufficient. This rule also applied to the mothers who were at the shelter. Those mothers and their children have now been taken to D.C. Village, which operates each winter (Nov. 1 to March 31) as a shelter for homeless families. On March 31, any family that hasn’t found housing will theoretically be put out on the streets until its number comes up for emergency shelter.

The Community Partnership for the Prevention of Homelessness has a five-year strategic plan that is supposed to eliminate or shorten the long wait for families to get emergency shelter. If this plan doesn’t go into effect by March 3l, all those families taken from Federal City that haven’t found housing will be on the streets again. So, where were they better off?

Director, Women’s Floor

Federal City Shelter