I want to express to you and your staff my heartfelt appreciation for your review of my career and my work with children (“Brother From Another Planet,” 2/4). It has been a pleasure for me to teach, perform for, and perform with children. If there is any art form that has the possibility to please both the aged and youth—especially at the same time—it must be music. If there is any art form that can charge youth with life, enthusiasm, emotion, and passion, it is music. If there is any art form in which an artist can truly express his feeling, it is music.

Dan Gilgoff’s article expressed not only his knowledge of music, but, more important, his sensitivity to the deeper purpose of inspiring people, young and old, with the beauty and the diversity of the world around them.

I thank you, of course, for the kind words in the article. It presents me with the opportunity to have many people who have not heard my work or been exposed to my teachings to learn about my existence, and, I hope, seek out for themselves a chance to have a relationship with my school, the World Community School of Music, and attend the concerts of my groups, the World Music Ensemble and the Sounds of Awareness.

Robert Northern (Brother Ah)