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Elissa Silverman’s article “Looking for Mr. Goodman” (3/17) is troubling on several levels.

First, by perpetuating the stereotype of the single/never married, aging, and lonely Jew, she fosters anti-Semitism. Jews make the best anti-Semites. By characterizing men by their comb-overs, “homely” appearance, and lack of social graces, she completely misses the point of Jewish courtship and marriage.

Life is wonderful, but life can be a bear, and you aren’t supposed to bear it alone. You are also supposed to share its joys.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and handsome is as handsome does. The song goes, “Bei mir bist du schoen”—”By me you are beautiful,” not by Hollywood or Madison Avenue.

A good man is indeed hard to find. Perhaps if some of Silverman’s male singles concentrated on finding a good woman instead of a “hottie,” we would have more marriages, Jewish and otherwise.

By the way, what do you think that “hottie” will look like in 60 years?

Cleveland Park