Steve Bible’s recent experience with picayune parking tickets (City Desk, 3/17) is a familiar one to those living around the intersection of Johnson Avenue and R Street NW. With (welcome) stepped-up police activity to address drug trafficking in the neighborhood came bored police officers, who while away the midnight shift writing tickets for, among other things, failing to curb your car—er, I mean, “failure to turn wheels to curb” on a flat street. This “zero-judgment” policy was a hot topic of debate at a monthly Patrol Service Area 309 meeting, where many residents came forward with stories similar to Mr. Bible’s. When this matter was brought to the attention of Cmdr. Mark Beach, head of MPD’s 3rd District, he made clear that this type of enforcement “does not have my support” and that he would instruct his officers to cease and desist. To anyone who recently received a ticket in the area for parking within 3 feet of another car—and, by the way, the neighbors applaud your parking skills!—or for other such obscure violations, contact Lt. Edward Delgado, the PSA 309 team leader, at 673-6820 for assistance.

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2F01

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