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I am a suburban professional who spends her off-hours rescuing feral cats. I wanted to write to thank you for publishing Robin Bingham’s article “Cat Women” in the March 24 edition. I’ve met Susan Wallace as well as several other people the article mentions, and they are without exception wise, devoted individuals. They deserve a lot of credit for doing what we have not thus far devised a good publicly funded system to do. It isn’t hard to trap a feral cat, but it is hard to see the cats who have health problems or are simply malnourished, to find homes for the constant stream of too many cats, and to face citizens who don’t understand or like the cats’ presence.

Your article is a ray of light that may illuminate the problem for one or two of your readers, and each ray of light is a blessing to the cats and to those who work to help them coexist with humans. Thank you.

Bowie, Md.