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Your lips are really loose and, frankly, uneducated on what they speak about. The real problem here in D.C. is not D.C. Public Schools Superintendent Arlene Ackerman (Loose Lips, 3/17), but a lack of proper funding, proper support, and proper principles being set and adhered to. Ackerman is the only person in Washington with the knowledge, the experience, and the ability to pull the school system together. Neither Mayor Anthony Williams nor anyone else has the level of education and the experience to run the school system. We all should support and attempt to help Ackerman instead of constantly beating her down.

Even control board Chair Alice Rivlin should learn to keep out of things that really don’t require her attention. She too has many mistakes to cover over and pretend she didn’t make.

What have you done to aid or to help the District school system? Nothing but write useless articles and innuendoes focused mainly on people who are at least attempting to make it all work, and with far less than it is actually going to take.

Stanton Park