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This letter is in response to Cecil Adams’ Straight Dope column of March 24, on acupuncture. This column was extremely negative and skeptical as it trashed 4,000 years of Chinese medical practice and theory. Cecil comes across like some great white scientific colonialist snob, dissing the culture of China with the typical arrogance of a Western medical empiricist, laughing at the voodoo of Chinese coolies. What a medical bigot!

Acupuncture works. It has worked for me and millions of others. The studies cited by Cecil are arrogant and biased in favor of the billion-dollar medical and pharmaceutical industry, fearful of anything it cannot control and manipulate. I’m just amazed that Cecil falls within their groupthink.

Cecil and his quackery witch hunters (AMA, Stephen Barrett, etc.) have these fundamental problems: (1) They really, really want to disbelieve in acupuncture. (2) They will believe and quote any evidence that supports their skepticism.

What a disappointment. It seems to me that this column is growing into a reactionary, rigid forum for the uptight and uncool. It’s time for Cecil to wake up and smell the moxibustion.

Herndon, Va.