“The important thing,” says Ken Feldman, “is to get philosophy out into the public, no matter how you do it. To get people interested in thinking deeply.” To this end, Feldman has organized the philosophical salon Cafe Philo, which today tackles “The Philosophy of Humor—Part 2.” The sequel is necessary because the group’s last meeting barely scratched the surface of humanity’s laughable condition. Consider some of the questions up for debate: “How can humor help to clarify and dissect the philosophical issues underlying politics?” “Does the quality of an individual’s sense of humor reflect his or her intelligence and/or sophistication?” Or consider the lunch menu at the swank Les Halles. (The fries are superb, says Feldman.) Feldman admits that “the nice weather might be an impediment,” but believes that once word gets out, “people will make the sacrifice. Especially for humor, you’ve got to make some sacrifices.” (Did I mention the fries?) At noon at Les Halles, 1201 Pennsylvania Ave. NW. Free. (703) 751-5958. (Dave Nuttycombe)