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The Washington City Paper’s weekly look at the WB network’s weekly look at our fair city. We watch it so you don’t have to.

Key Plot Line:

Pete and Mason compete for a State Department job. Neither gets it—but they both learn a little something about what’s really important in this chilly, chilly town.

Significant Dialogue:

Pete: I went to a public high school….Until I got to D.C., I thought Brooks Bros. was a country band. I’m not supposed to be here. And every day I wait for someone to tell me that I don’t belong.

Mason: You know, Harvard may make great sweat shirts, but it’s not where I made my best friend.

Lesson for All of Us:

Slate-gray suits look great—with solid ties or with paisley ones!

Noteworthy Subplot:

Group-house roommates set rules for communal fridge: Condiments are for sharing, but never steal each other’s Yoo-Hoo.

Next Week:

Tensions mount when crime comes to D.C. CP