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In response to the article “Bad Blood” (3/17): Unsubstantiated remarks were made, and enough misinformation was given to flavor the article in a manner that is completely unjust and uncalled for.

Louis J. Matthews is and/or was my son. We enjoyed a special relationship known only to immediate family members. We know who Miss Barrett is and what she meant to Louis. We also know who his children are and what they meant to him.

My son was a man who was very serious about life, who took responsibility and accountability and wore them as if they were a badge of honor. Only wishful thinking could establish Miss Barrett as a serious suitor for my son’s affections at any time. However, their relationship produced a child, and Louis, after being prompted by that news, and then seeing that child, was moved to become the father he knew he could be. Seeing the love Louis had for his son moved us (his immediate family) to become every bit of grandparents, uncles, aunt, and whatever else we could be to Nicholas. He is well received in this family.

Although his marriage to his wife, Katie Nichols, did not endure, his love and paternal care for La Chrisia never ceased.

Those of us who love Louis love Nicholas, and we love La Chrisia. Without that love, a rather narrow-minded view is portrayed. Without that love for Louis, we, Louis’ parents, are reduced to talking to lawyers or some other third party, even to reading gossip in the paper.

Our only desire is to see and speak to our grandson and his mother if possible. Miss Barrett has been informed of the survivor benefit package because of the efforts of the Matthews family. Any benefit that she is receiving she can thank us for; as for any that she is not receiving on Nicholas’ behalf, she is welcome to set aside her difference, and come receive for Nicholas’ sake all the help that the grandparents can render.

Granted, civility, and compromise are warranted, let’s hope.

I would at this time like to thank everyone who contributed to the memorial fund, along with everyone who prayed for us or just wished us well.

Fort Totten