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Theater is ridiculously overpriced, highbrow entertainment for the rich. So think the majority of non-theatergoers. Sure, tix to the major theatrical productions now playing around town cost a lot more than renting American Pie and getting takeout Thai, but there is plenty of low-priced theater in the D.C. area, if you look hard enough. Some of it you’ve even paid for already, without noticing it. So thinks Perry Schwartz, chairman of the Communication and Performing Arts Department at the Takoma Park campus of Montgomery College, who directed Kevin Kling’s satirical comedy Lloyd’s Prayer: “Because we are a county- and state-funded college, in a sense, taxpayers have already paid for it. I just feel like it’s a way of paying them back. It’s kind of a way to complete our educational mission.” Sounds like a play by Kling, a regular humor essayist on NPR’s All Things Considered, was an appropriate choice. First presented at the internationally renowned Humana Festival, Lloyd’s Prayer follows the raccoon-raised Bob, whose search for what means to be human leads him to be taken in by a small-time con-man named Lloyd, get marketed as a religious oddity, and fall in love with an angel sent from heaven to save him. Sounds just crazy enough to be free, doesn’t it? Explains Schwartz, “Not enough people go to the theater anymore. Hopefully, we do plays that are challenging enough, fun enough, and free enough so that people who wouldn’t otherwise will come.” At 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday, to Saturday, April 22, at Montgomery College at Takoma Park’s Black Box Theatre, 7600 Takoma Ave., Takoma Park. Free. For reservations call (301) 650-1368. (Amanda Fazzone)