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Band naming is an underappreciated art form. As Confucius once said, “Flowers smell real nice, but truth lies in how you name your rock.” Or something like that. So please, when considering how your band will be remembered, don’t (a) try to condense your cumulative life experience into one word, (b) misspell words to look cool, or (c) look in the mirror. Naming your band is like naming your kids: A good choice means pride and certain success; a bad one is the first step toward a short, empty musical life that will undoubtedly end in the back of some pissy-smelling bar. Bloomington, Ind., punk outfit Operation: Cliff Clavin was lucky enough to have good mommies and daddies. At the end of this tour (their last), the Cliffers can sell their instruments proudly, knowing deep in their hearts that they chose wisely. They perform with This Bike Is a Pipe Bomb and David Dorando at 7 p.m. at La Casa, 3166 Mount Pleasant St. NW. $5. (703) 670-3842. (Mike Kanin)