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Key plot line:

Lewis risks his clerkship to help a cousin in trouble with the law—and learns a little something about what’s really important in this chilly, chilly town.

Significant Dialogue:

Lewis: Right now, I’m supposed to be at the Supreme Court doing the job I spent seven years getting. Instead, I’m here cleaning up your mess. Do the right thing: Turn Riggs in.

Cousin Tyrell: OK.

Lesson for All of Us:

If you work for a Supreme Court justice, count on long hours, a stressful environment—and good, supportive pep talks when things go wrong.

Noteworthy Subplot:

Snooty establishment-type neighbor threatens heroes’ group house. Fivesome turn tables, keep D.C. safe for housesitting at rich relatives’ homes.

Next Week:

Twentysomething protagonists try to get parents to just act responsibly. CP