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Maybe I missed it, but it seems that the Washington City Paper has failed to report on one of the greatest coincidences of the decade here in Washington, D.C.

The coincidence involves the congruence between the scaffolding on the Washington Monument and the Monica Lewinsky scandal. As the scaffolding comes down and the fiasco of Monica rapidly fades behind us, I am compelled to write this letter for fear that this story will be missed if someone doesn’t say something soon.

My husband and I regularly run past the White House and the Washington Monument. We have noticed that the White House must have a sensational view of the monument. In fact, this incredible view must be one that the first family enjoys from its private quarters in the White House on a routine basis.

It should also be noted that the Washington Monument does lend itself to certain “masculine” characteristics, which even those less given to the philosophies of Freud would surely recognize.

The scaffolding first began to encase the monument at the same time that the Lewinsky scandal appeared in the news.

Over the months that followed, I visualized a weary President Clinton gazing out a window in his private quarters and seeing the metal scaffolding slowly climbing the monument until one day it was entirely enclosed in metal.

At the same time, the country was delving deeper and deeper into the Lewinsky affair as Clinton’s extramarital activities were slowly revealed to the world. No doubt the scandal would have had the same effect on his personal life and activities—as if building a metal encasement around his own “monument.”

With Hillary now actively campaigning and living in New York, the country’s attention focused on the 2000 election, and Monica safely engaged in licensing her name to shopping-bag manufacturers, isn’t it ironic that the scaffolding has recently been removed from the Washington Monument as well?

Scott Circle