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How to explain the wonders of Gary Wright? Maybe you had to be there back in ’75, eyes glued to Don Kirschner’s Rock Concert. Sandwiched between Orleans and Leo Sayer, out came Gary, strutting the stage with an electric piano around his neck. His whole band was playing keyboards, too. It was revolutionary, perhaps the most profound technological innovation in rock ‘n’ roll since Frampton’s talking guitar. And the songs! Lyrically, they were so much New Age goop about stuff like riding “the dream weaver train” to “an astral plane,” but they were also catchy as hell. Gary rode “Dream Weaver” to No. 2, toured with Frampton and Yes, won the Kirschner Award for Best Vocalist, and, it seemed, could’ve ruled the planet. But his subsequent albums tanked, and when keyboards really did conquer the world, not a bloody soul recalled his martyred name. But take heart, all you dream weavers—he’s back. Show him your “Love Is Alive” at 10 p.m. at Jaxx, 6355 Rolling Road, Springfield. $20. (703) 569-5940. (Michael Little)