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Key Plot Line:

Sarah’s interview with the family of a murder victim from Anacostia undercuts Mason’s campaign for a parental-responsibility law. The ensuing fight nearly ruins their friendship—and teaches them a little something about what’s important in this chilly, chilly town.

Significant Dialogue:

TV Announcer: All the while, cars were speeding by on Rock Creek Parkway, unaware of the horror unfolding nearby.

Sarah: It’s horrible, but it’s not news. It’s just the atrocity du jour.

Finley: If you ask me, it’s all about accountability. I mean, where are the parents?

Sarah: That’s a great story angle!

Lesson for All of Us:

Anacostia tragedies can make it onto national TV—if both victim and culprit are white.

Noteworthy Subplot:

Pete gets lucky in fitting room with Neiman Marcus sales associate.

Next Week:

There is no next week. Those bastards at the WB pulled D.C. off the air before sweeps week! CP