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Well, Washington City Paper, at least you’re consistent. It’s nice to see that you can be smug and dismissive about truly anything—even the strongest, best-organized, most articulate movement for radical change this country has seen in decades.

Kevin Diaz’s article on the April 16 protests against the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank (“Puppet Show,” 4/21) managed to resist any and all temptation to address any of the issues behind this massive mobilization. He didn’t mention how structural-adjustment policies squeeze the poor to benefit the rich. He didn’t investigate the World Bank’s history of lending money to corrupt dictators and then demanding repayment from the people those dictators had stolen from. He didn’t think it important that the IMF has bungled so many economic crises that everyone from right, left, and center is demanding that it get out of the business. Instead, he played personality politics among bit players and strove to highlight the extremes of the movement in an attempt to discredit it. God, Kevin, how many more meetings do you need to attend before you understand anything at all?

I know it shouldn’t surprise me. Try as you might to dress yourselves up as an alternative weekly, you’re only as independent-minded as the corporations that own you. So thanks for your desperate attempt to perpetuate the mainstream blather that insists we don’t know what we’re doing just because you don’t get what we’re doing. If you’re scared this stupid, the movement for global liberation must be doing something right.

Mount Pleasant