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I’d like to have seen acknowledgment higher up in the story “Phantoms of the Park” (4/21) that there was substantial support in Takoma, D.C., (and even some support in Maryland) for the town-house development proposed for land at the Takoma Metro station.

But what I really wish is that writer Holly Bailey (who otherwise did a fine job of exposing some of the more absurd aspects of our tempest in a teapot) had included the latest developer’s proposal. She writes that it would include 106 town houses and a two-story parking garage—which isn’t quite correct.

After learning of the controversy in the community, Eakin/Youngentob downsized its proposal to 90 town houses and offered to keep 1 acre of the existing 1.5 acres of green space. The two-story parking garage would replace existing ground-level Metro parking. Parking for the town houses is slated to be underneath each house. (This information was contained in the copy of a letter sent to Plan Takoma members that I gave Bailey the night of the April 6 meeting she refers to in her story.)

Eakin/Youngentob’s willingness to downsize the development and keep two-thirds of the existing green space was a major reason Plan Takoma voted to support Metro’s award of development rights.

Takoma, D.C.