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Earl Silas Tupper was an evil inventor. Because of his creations, I suffer repeated bouts of guilt and denial. I can’t possibly eat it, I tell myself. As days go by, I engage in detente: The dollop of potato soup moves behind the chocolate sauce. The vegetable-tofu stir-fry slides behind the olive jar. The greenish-yellowish blob—could it be hummus?—slowly retreats to the left corner of the bottom shelf. Ah, Tupperware, that wicked harborer of leftovers. Weeks later, I get my comeuppance when I timidly pry open the plastic seals, which unleash forces more terrifying than those in that face-melting scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Chef Andy Friedman is as brave as Indiana Jones, though, and this evening, he’ll close his eyes, open a container of leftover God-knows-what, and transform it into five delectable meals. Could it possibly be true? Hey, did Indy save the free world? At 11 a.m. at Fresh Fields, 2700 Wilson Blvd., Arlington. $15. For reservations call (703) 527-6596. (Elissa Silverman)