Burying your face in your raincoat, you duck into an unmarked doorway. A quick look around and it’s clear they’ve got what you want. You’re hungry for the goods—but so inexperienced at buying them that you can’t lift your eyes from your shoes. Behind you, the front door clanks open and in walks a Prada-clad woman, head held high, who marches right up to the gallerist, demanding, “Show me the Monet.” Damn, she’s good! Don’t despair if you think you can’t manage that kind of confidence: Thanks to several new art-selling Web sites, your walls don’t have to remain virginal. Now you can enjoy embarrassment-free shopping whether you’re buying a Condo or a…er…something else. And that Kandinsky can be on your doorstep to ease your urge as early as tomorrow.* (*Overnight delivery is extra.) Representatives from nextMonet.com, curator Annie Adjchavanich, and gallery owner Cheryl Numark present “Art on a Shoestring: A Workshop for First-Time Collectors” at 1 p.m. at the Corcoran Museum of Art’s Hammer Auditorium, 500 17th St. NW. $12. For reservations call (202) 639-1753. (JD)