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What the world needs now—and I mean desperately needs right this damn minute—is a Crazy Foam renaissance. Who among us does not count splashing around butterball-naked in the bathtub and squirting funky goo out of Spider-Man’s mouth as one of life’s purest pleasures? It’s a modern-day cure-all, people. Cosmo claims your relationship is “last-breath-gasping” from a “fractured-intimacy stranglehold”? Crazy Foam will mend those aching hearts. Starbucks says that a costly cup of coffee is the only way to kick-start your day? Crazy Foam begs to differ. Of course, I’m not entirely certain that you can still buy Crazy Foam, but Emory University’s Sidney Perkowitz is sure to have a secret stash at his lecture “Galaxies, Beer, and Baked Alaska: The Science of Foams,” which will examine foam’s role in science, food, and everlasting happiness. Remember the password—”Mr. Bubble Burn in Hell”—when Perkowitz speaks at 3:30 p.m. at the Goddard Space Flight Center’s Building Three Auditorium, 8800 Greenbelt Road, Greenbelt. Free. For reservations call (301) 286-6878. (SD)