Is there an inverse relationship between the amount of money Daniel Snyder pumps into his Redskins and the level of fan excitement about the team? Last Saturday night at a charity auction benefiting Zacchaeus Free Clinic and Bread for the City, Zacchaeus staff-attorney-cum-auctioneer Jenny Shulz presented four goal-line tickets for next season’s Redskins-Dallas Cowboys game. Minutes earlier, a log cabin quilt had netted nearly $2,000, and a week on Cape Cod fetched $4,500. But despite the added lure of a football autographed by legendary quarterback Joe Theismann, Shulz couldn’t rouse much interest in D.C.’s gridders. She pleaded for audience members to bid high on the estimated $315 package; last year, a similar offering went for $800. After an uncomfortable silence, a weary patron plunked down $400. “Apparently people aren’t as crazy about Joe Theismann as we thought they would be,” says Jennifer Olsen, the clinic’s special-events coordinator. —Stephanie Mencimer