Even though newspaper articles constantly stir terrible memories (and often anger), I want to thank all of you for printing the story surrounding the Chase family (“Can I Get a Witness?,” 5/5). It is unimaginable to us all that no one will come forward and help get these murderers off the street. The horrendous fire has destroyed our lives and has separated what was once a close-knit family. It has left everyone empty and with the scared feeling of no longer having a solid foundation.

While we are still trying to make some sense out of all of this and beginning to rebuild our lives, we also have to deal with the feelings of betrayal—from the neighborhood kids we used to play with, the mothers who brought us inside for Kool-Aid, the friends of my grandparents who used to sit on their front porch and spin their tales all day long. Those same people who claimed they loved our Catherine and Irving are the same ones who won’t help put this story to rest. I cannot believe that no one will come forward and help convict a “conscienceless” individual. Why would you allow or want someone like that walking the street?

I just wrote to say thank you. Thank you for not forgetting. It means more to me than you realize.

Suitland, Md.