The cover story about witnesses and the fire that took the lives of three innocent people (“Can I Get a Witness?,” 5/5) is quite a story. It is well-written and really gives a picture of D.C. and what the streets of our nation’s capital really hold for its residents.

I am part of Patrol Service Area 106, and we’re planning a march May 21, one year to the day after Susan Svengros was murdered at 416 F St. NE. (This is the case in which the evidence was “lost”—or should I say “unaccounted for”?—for five months.) We have plans to march to the 1st District Police Station to request a resolution to the unsolved status on this and all the murder cases in D.C. that have gone without an arrest.

Our meeting is Thursday, May 11, when final plans will be made to bring the march together.

Capitol Hill