Just a quick note about the recent article highlighting the life and works of Nick Baily, WNVT, and MegaHertz (Artifacts, “Behind Their Music,” 4/28) in the Washington City Paper.

Although it may be in writer John Dugan’s best interest to attempt to cover local information in that smartass, I-wish-I-could-write-for-Maxim style of journalism, it is obviously not in the best interest of potential readers for any writer to lapse in researching duties. Although I must say that an obvious phone call was made to Nick Baily regarding his “pogoing at White Zombie and Prong shows” past, the time Dugan spent validating his own misguided data about the television program under review leaves me a bit unsettled.

Allow me to set the record straight. First: We do not broadcast from a warehouse. If Dugan had come out to our studio at any point to prepare for the review, he would have noticed that. Second: Although we value the alliance that has been established with localmusic.com and WHFS, they do not provide any show content besides that which we ask for. This means that both WHFS and localmusic.com were brought in to the mix solely at our discretion. Neither of these two sources can—nor will—dictate how this program is run.

Also, Baily had nothing to do with our plans to establish a relationship with WHFS: That connection was made directly through the staff of WNVT. So just what the hell is this “iron triangle” Dugan mentioned?

So, Mr. Dugan, please do me the great service of contacting our office if you plan to state facts for any of our other original programming endeavors. With more “slick cable access” projects under way with Best Buy, Capital Radio, DC101, and Universal Music and Video, I’m sure you’ll need some editorial help.

Director of Production