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Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officer Bredet Williams apparently displayed a little too much pride at last month’s Millennium March. In addition to her official duties recruiting for the department at the gay-pride parade, Williams, at one point, attached a rainbow flag to her commander’s squad car and cruised among the revelers. Unfortunately for Williams, police rules say officers can show off their blue but not their lavender. “[It’s] not the portrait we are trying to portray,” says MPD Third District Commander Mark Beach. “The MPD will be unbiased and neutral at all times.” Beach says that although Williams did a commendable job—she and other officers netted 80 potential recruits by the end of the day—she was disciplined for her flag-waving drive. The department is also investigating whether Williams tooted her siren and turned on her police lights, Beach says. Maybe she cranked some unauthorized Indigo Girls, too. —Jason Cherkis