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Looks like disease showed up at Jamie Wimberly’s lovefest. The local artist’s show at the Foundry Gallery reveals his penchant for nude redheads (natural ones, it seems), vulva symbolism, and shrines. His devotional constructions feature images of women hovering over votive candles nestled in brown velvet. Some are enclosed in what looks like a rustic barn—all puckered paint and faux rotting wood—as if they were milkmaids gone wrong. The show boasts enough nude drawings boxed, framed, and stuffed into curio-cabinet-like constructions to give a Freudian a field day. But something nasty crashed this party: The orgy’s afflicted by what looks like the plague—minus the eggplant-like swellings, of course. Amour Rouge might as well be titled Morte Noir: Its sexy nude and red velvet curtain (parted just-so) lose heat against a nasty background that Wimberly painted pasty pink. His paint is scaly and mottled and complete with oozy red pimples, some with rusty nails driven into them. In Look (pictured), little round mirrors crusted in paint surround a nude like a nasty case of the measles. No wonder all the women portrayed here look so unhappy. Consider Wimberly’s show a public-service announcement: Wrap that rascal! On view from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday and 1 to 5 p.m. Sunday, to Sunday, May 28, at the Foundry Gallery, 9 Hillyer Court NW. Free. (202) 387-0203. (Jessica Dawson)